Creating genesis

    We were created to create! Since the beginning our invitation has been to create a better, more beautiful world. Here at Genesis, we want to create space for people to make the world better both in their consumption of every day staples(such as coffee, tea, chocolate, rice, etc) and in their production of digital arts(such as audio/video and photography).


We plan to accomplish this by:

1.  Educate the public about the current reality of slave labor, human trafficking, and global poverty, along with raising awareness about Fair Trade and local products.

 2.  Create a public work space with affordable tools that enable customers to brainstorm and produce original creative works that make the world better, along with providing a space that helps facilitate creative community.

    We are at phase one of our launch.  Our focus will be in educating the public about modern day slavery and fair trade while providing easy access to top quality fair trade products.  We want to make it as easy as possible for businesses and churches to become FAIR TRADE offices and congregations so we will deliver fair trade coffee to you on a monthly basis at no extra cost.  We will also have a cafe where fair trade goods can be bought and creative employees will encourage creative community here in our town.  But this is just the beginning! We plan to not only have a creative space in our coffee bar, but also eventually have digital photo and video editing stations, table top computers for sharing ideas, an audio editing suite and digital graphics and animation editing suites. We also plan to have a music recording studio with sound engineer and rental instruments. And Rentable equipment for everything you need to enter into the audio video production field.

    We want a place to harbor creatives, and let them share what they create! Whether its writings, songs, photos, videos, the sky is the limit! Let us help you connect with the people you need to complete your call. Lets create connections! Lets create Genesis. 

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